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Drone Wind Turbine Inspection Services

Wind turbines are part of our effort to move toward renewable energy sources and therefore their maintenance and monitoring must be carried out regularly. These immense turbines are hard to access and therefore drone technology can deliver much-needed data on the condition of the blades. Drones not only reduce the cost of these vital inspections, but they also reduce risk as no humans need to climb up to carry out the observations.

Commercial Applications

As wind power continues to grow, drones provide solutions to safely inspect blades, monitor potential issues, carry out maintenance and ensure this essential asset stays at maximum efficiency. Drone data collection provides high-resolution imagery, reporting, cost-effective asset management

  • Monitoring Efficiency

  • Cataloguing Degradation

  • Ensures Continuity of Power

  • High-resolution Imagery

Public Sector Applications

As we increasingly focus on using clean renewable energy such as wind power is it’s essential that wind turbines
are maintained and safely inspected. Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels means local authorities need to ensure the inspection process is carried out with minimal cost and risk to life.

  • Maintaining Renewable Energy Sources

  • Safe Inspections

  • Helps to Manage Budgets

  • Aids Net Zero Targets

Useful Information

Domestic Package

Only still images. No video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot hire with 4K imaging
£350 to £599

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£190 to £250

Professional Package

Still and video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£550  to £750

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£290 to £360

Premium Package

Video editing. Image production and music.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£750 to £999

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£490 to £750

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