Frequently Asked Questions

Drone & project safety?

Safety comes 1st in all we do. That’s why we have gained our PfCO from the CAA [ID at the header of our website pages.] Safety not only applies to our pilots but for you and your employees and/or family!

What is a PfCO professional certification?

PfCO = ‘Permissions for Commercial Operations’. Raising standards and safety for multidrone operators: This is the drone industries professional accreditation in order to raise competence and safety standards. Always make sure your drone supplier has an up to date PfCO ID otherwise the insurance in invalid. Also, the highest QA standards for your operation may not be deployed for your project.!

Why is PfCO certification important for the customer?

This is your assurance and peace of mind that the company and drone pilots, within that company, must operate in a certain way to a proficiency level with maximum safety levels, built in to everything we do.

What regions do you operate in?

UK & Ireland. We are based from Lymington in Hampshire. UK

How much does it cost?

Outside of ‘special promotions’ our prices start at £140 for a half day & go up to £999 /day, that includes post production video and image production costs. Each project requires a bespoke fixed costs quotation from Premium Hawk. See’ Service Charge’ section of this website.

What is our image/video quality from our drones?

4K pixel clarity – which is much higher than HD. The cutting edge of aerial photography.

What are the CAA regulations for SUA- we must operate within?

In summary:- [1] during takeoff/landing 50m from people and property not in control of the pilot. [2] during flight 50m from property or people. [3] permission from land owner to take off and land. [4] Maintain maximum fligt height 400ft above ground level. [5]maintain VLOS to a maximum distance of 500m. [6] Operate during daylight hours. [7] Outside of operational airspace [9]

Can we produce quality video production on the raw footage and not just still images?

Yes. We can do as much or as little as the brief requires.

Will you give us a demo?

Yes. Only travel costs would need to be covered, unless you are local to our base or an order is subject to a site assesment.

Can we fly close to buildings or people for close up detail?

Yes. On condition those close to the drone have been briefed and are under the control of the pilot or their marshalls.

Are there areas in the UK we cannot fly drones?

Yes. Our pre deployment assessment will show us if we need ‘special permissions’. Urban areas, commercial and military airports, no fly zones all have to be checked.

Operational Insurance.

Our public liability insurance from Allianz Group is a minimum £1M to maximum £10M. Approved vendor by the CAA. Copy for each project is obtain for each sperate project. A copy of which is made available to the client, before flight commences.

What is maximum video / image capture & flight time, per Drone?

45 minutes video capture time. 60 minutes flight time

How high and far can the SUSA go?

We are restricted by the Civil Aviation Authority – Air Navigation Order, to a maximum height of 400ft / 121 meters. Direct line of sight [DLOS] must always be maintained by the drone pilot or his project marshals.

Planning and permissions.

Before each flight, we will plan and check all aviation drone laws are being upheld. We will check with landowners, check land boundaries, and take into account all factors surrounding the flight & its operating environment. If extra permissions are required from the CAA. Then we will gain the neccesary approvals on your behalf.

Do we need landowners permissions to fly drones?

Yes. For take off and landing.

Can we fly our drones indoors?

Yes. Providing the open areas are enough to fly safely.

Can live image or video footage be seen in real-time?

Yes. We can provide a live feed so that you can see all the imagery and data in real-time.

Can we use thermal imaging footage?

Yes. We have specific software that alters the colour palette enabling thermal imaging

Can you fly your drones at night?

Yes, but drones flying at night must have the appropriate anti-collision lights. Visible up to a distance of three statute miles.

Bad weather on the day of drone flight operations.

Drone operations will either not start or be suspended. We will re-schedule for an alternative date asap – that works for the client and drone operator. We cannot operate a drone in unsafe conditions. See the ‘Small Print- Service Charge‘ section for commercials etc.

Can I carry my camera on your drone?

No, unfortunately. We have our own specialist equipment plus the insurance considerations that only cover our cameras

Do you work outside the UK?

Yes, all projects are dependent on the scope but we are open to overseas requests.

Airmanship acronyms . What do they mean?

SUSA / small unmanned surveillance aircraft: UA/ unmanned aircraft: RP/Remote Pilot: SUA/small unmanned aircraft: CAA/Civil Aviation Authority: VLOS/visual line of site.

Can you rent the equipment from Premium Hawk, without a professional drone pilot?


Can drones be used on my commercial project?

Yes, drones have a multitude of uses across all kinds of commercial applications, from large-scale roof inspections to structural surveys and time lapse progress.

Can drones help with my marketing?

Yes absolutely. From virtual tours to aerial filming, property marketing and promotional videos, drones can give your online sales presence the boost it needs.

What is the quickest way to carry out a survey?

Survey data can be gathered quickly with drone footage documenting all the relevant information quickly and safely.

How can I reduce the costs of my building project?

Ensuring you stay on budget with any project is critical and drones can provide much-needed progress mapping and aerial videography that documents the construction.