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Save Time

Whether you need survey data, emergency response planning or progress reports, time is of the essence and drone technology can provide that vital information quickly. Having accurate data to inform your decision-making can have a hugely beneficial impact on managing budgets and resources. This means the workflow on large-scale commercial projects is much improved and departments within the public sector can be far more effective. For homeowners, drones can help you decide whether to move forward with changes to your property without waiting for costly drawn-out surveys.

Cost Effective

Gathering data whether for roof inspections or large-scale surveys has always had a cost implication but this is dramatically reduced by using drone technology to provide the information you need. For hard-to-reach inaccessible areas, gone is the need for costly scaffolding, lengthy risk assessments and the deployment of workers to obtain data. Drone technology can deliver significant savings on equipment and people to provide all the information you need in a much quicker timeframe.

Improve Safety

Imagine being able to gather all the data you need without any risk to you or your team. Working at height or in hazardous environments always required lengthy risk assessments but no more with drone mapping, photography, and videography. You can safeguard your team and improve health and safety by utilising drone technology at previously hard-to-access locations.  At Premium Hawk, we have trained to the highest standards and our pilots are professionally accredited to PfCO through the CAA.

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