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Drone Aerial Filming & Videography Services

From domestic to commercial and even public sector applications, drone filming and videography provide an exciting solution for so many applications. Whether it’s showcasing your wedding footage or a sporting event, drone footage has a powerful visual impact. Drone filming can provide breathtaking footage that entices investors or fundraising for your charity organisation and increases engagement.

Domestic Applications

Filmmakers can use drones for aerial shots, pre and post-production footage and many other uses such as action shots. Drones provide cost-effective aerial cinematography with shooting angles previously only available on big-budget productions. Drones can also provide breath-taking aerial footage of your wedding day or sporting event.

  • Events and Sports aerial Filming

  • Filmmakers’ Production Requirements

  • Marketing for Golf Courses

  • Weddings

Commercial Applications

Drone for event filming and photography provides a unique opportunity to capture indoor and outdoor footage with a dynamic and innovative angle. Videography is a powerful way to create digital campaigns for businesses or a snapshot of opportunities for investors in construction projects. Effective, intimate, and authentic filming.

  • Music Concerts and Festivals

  • Building Companies and Property Investments

  • Digital Campaigns for Businesses

  • Brand and Customer Experience

Public Sector Applications

Property maintenance in community housing is essential and can be assessed using drones. Larger-scale public building structures also need monitoring for safety purposes. Drone filming can be utilised for the management of crowds at public events for safety. Charities or voluntary community organisations also benefit greatly from fundraising videos that can be published online.

  • Local Authority Scientific Data Collection

  • Mapping and Environmental Monitoring

  • Storm Damage Assessment

  • Fund Raising Videos for Charity and Community Organisations

Useful Information

Domestic Package

Only still images. No video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot hire with 4K imaging
£350 to £599

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£190 to £250

Professional Package

Still and video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£550  to £750

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£290 to £360

Premium Package

Video editing. Image production and music.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£750 to £999

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£490 to £750

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