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“Aviation has come a long way in the past 100 years, with aerial photography taking huge strides alongside it.
Many ingenious methods have been employed to lift cameras into our skies, both with and without a human operator.
Modern drone photography and accurate inexpensive aerial data collection has made this easier than ever before, so today’s photographers and videographers can reap the rewards of technological leaps in aviation, flight control electronics and cameras.
The aerial dimension is now available to all of us. Looking down on our human world like a bird has been a dream of mankind throughout history”

Commercial Services

We are a B2B multirotor drone, data collection, service provider. Over recent years the value and benefit of utilising drones for aerial surveying, mapping and quality data acquisition have risen dramatically, as technology [we use 4K image quality on our cameras] has evolved massively and pilot standards have risen.

In order to comply with operational and safety requirements Premium Hawk has gained its Permission for Commercial Operation [PfCO]

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The most common multirotor applications for professional providers is listed in our Services Section

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Commercial Services
Domestic Services

Domestic Services

We are also pleased to consider domestic or private commissions for your own personal purposes, where the aerial perspective will add considerably to your record for an anniversary, wedding, or significant event.

For example, outdoor sports enthusiasts are embracing drone photography from above, to improve their game or just gain a different perspective on their craft and competence – or just for fun!

Cost for this type of video or image service have reduced significantly over the past few years.

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The most common multirotor applications for professional providers are listed in our Services Section

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Company Marketing Production

Video and image production from an aerial perspective is usually just one part of a company’s marketing material. We are also pleased to offer all other aspects of your marketing collateral to manage the complete brand design – both electronic and hard copy, whether you are a new start up or an established company.

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Company Marketing Production


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