Professional Public Sector Drone Services

It is critical in the public sector to be able to respond quickly to emergency situations and maintain areas of natural importance, public buildings, and supply chains such as railway lines. Our drones can provide a cost-effective and safe solution for local authorities in the southeast specifically Hampshire and Dorset. We can support the coast guard, search and rescue, police and fire in a fast responsive manner that enables them to gather vital aerial data.

Please select from the following services


Drones can map and survey historical sites, areas of outstanding natural beauty and emergency situations with low-cost imagery and valuable data


Real-time data through surveillance is essential for the armed forces, police and local government.


Accurate data on landscapes or public property can be recorded in a safe cost-effective method through drones

Thermal Imaging

Drones can capture sensitive data through thermal imaging aiding emergency and rescue services

Aerial Photographs

Aerial photography provides a valuable sense of scale and birds-eye view of property and public spaces

Aerial Filming & Videography

Aerial videography can provide valuable imagery for events, local government assets and land

Aerial Tracking & Point to Point Filming

A drone is a low-cost solution providing useful data on an object or individual travelling from point to point

Wind Turbine Inspection

Essential preventative maintenance of wind turbines can be carried out regularly through drones with minimal cost or disruption

Utility Asset Inspection

To effectively prolong the life of an asset, drones provide data that shows the physical condition to aid management

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