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Drone Surveying Services

The gathering of survey data needs to be accurate and obtained quickly so that individuals or businesses can make decisions on necessary works. Drone surveying provides next-level fast information through exceptional video and imagery. In commercial use drone data helps businesses decide on various projects in respect of scale and level of investment. For the public sector, drones provide critical information to aid land management, environmental protection and conservation.

Domestic Applications

Initiating your own drone survey puts you in control of any changes to your property. For example, deciding what
planning will be necessary for changes to your property, a drone survey gives you clear information and accurate aerial perspective before initiating costly works.

  • Property Surveys

  • Domestic Planning and Development

  • Landscaping

  • Building Works

Commercial Applications

Drones give the surveyor or client a unique perspective and view of the project. Obtaining a complete picture of the land for developers or investors is critical before large-scale commercial projects are initiated, to manage budgets and anticipate potential issues. .

  • Developers and Investors

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Increased Health and Safety

  • Warehousing and Manufacturing

Public Sector Applications

Managing costs in and minimising health and safety risks have always been at the forefront in the public sector. Surveying for environmental purposes such as agricultural areas, forest management and conservationcan be carried out quickly and safely with a cost-effective drone solution.

  • Listed Buildings

  • Agricultural Surveys

  • Forest Management and Conservation

  • Increased Health and Safety

Useful Information

Domestic Package

Only still images. No video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot hire with 4K imaging
£350 to £599

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£190 to £250

Professional Package

Still and video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£550  to £750

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£290 to £360

Premium Package

Video editing. Image production and music.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£750 to £999

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£490 to £750

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