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Drone Surveillance Services

The delivery of accurate, real-time data in surveillance is critical. Commercial managers need the quick transmission of information to protect their assets. Our emergency services, police, fire and rescue rely on area footage to enable them to react quickly to situations. Drone surveillance provides a fast channel of information obtained in areas that are hard to observe.

Commercial Applications

Commercial assets need to be protected and drones offer a simple affordable solution for both surveillance and monitoring. Drone surveillance offers your company round-the-clock observation and recording. Internal and external surveillance delivered
with real-time data.

  • Oil and Gas Assets

  • Power Stations and Energy Providers

  • Systems Monitoring Large-scale Manufacturing

  • Meteorological Data Capture

  • Data from Inaccessible Areas

Public Sector Applications

Drones have a vital role to play in supporting the police. Crimes or emergency situations are always time-critical and therefore, drone surveillance enables the police to mobilise quickly. The military must be able to assess danger and targets quickly, drones provide rapid data.

  • Live Feed

  • Infrared and Heatmap Capabilities

  • Covert Data Capture

  • Military Support

  • Emergency Real Time Data

Useful Information

Domestic Package

Only still images. No video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot hire with 4K imaging
£350 to £599

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£190 to £250

Professional Package

Still and video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£550  to £750

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£290 to £360

Premium Package

Video editing. Image production and music.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£750 to £999

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£490 to £750

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