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Church & Spire Inspections

Church spires present religious organisations with a logistical challenge when attempting to monitor the integrity of their buildings. This is central to being able to react to damage and degradation proactively to ensure the structure is protected. Drones enable surveyors and architects to gather data on these inaccessible parts of a church without compromising safety or initiating costly and intrusive scaffolding.

Domestic Applications

Ensuring the structural integrity and safety of your religious and historically significant building is critical.
Drone church spire inspections give you evidence-based data to aid remedial works. Protecting the exterior of the church helps maintain the interior.

  • Religious Organisations

  • Historic Building Preservation

  • Aids in Reacting to Degradation

  • Helps Assess Cost of Works

Commercial Applications

Church Spire Inspections can capture several issues including, crumbling masonry, missing tiles and areas of weather damage. A spire is a notoriously complex structure, with valleys and parapets that cannot be seen from the ground compounded by safety
the aspect of an in-person inspection. Drones provide a simple cost-effective answer.

  • Listed Building Architects

  • Surveyors

  • Commercial Roofing Companies

  • Specialist Structural Engineers

Useful Information

Domestic Package

Only still images. No video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot hire with 4K imaging
£350 to £599

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£190 to £250

Professional Package

Still and video production.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£550  to £750

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£290 to £360

Premium Package

Video editing. Image production and music.

Day rate for a Drone Pilot
£750 to £999

Half day rate [ 4 x hours]
£490 to £750

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